Dingo Beach coastline and the surrounding Whitsundays are well known for fishing with a vast array of different species of fish to be caught. From reef fish such as Coral Trout and Sweetlip, to pelagics like Mackerel and Trevally we offer over 30 years of local knowledge and advice on where to fish to ensure that you have a pleasurable experience. There are numerous locations to fish safely and comfortably, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

We hire boats with outboard motors to suit both novice and experienced boat fishers.

Recreational Fishing is permitted around most Whitsunday islands. You do not require a permit to fish in the marine waters of Queensland.

We will give you a full briefing of the local conditions, fishing conservation zones and topography (reef & landfall)  before you depart to go fishing.

Handlines and Rods are available for hire, as well as a fishing esky (cooler) to keep fish you catch on ice.